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Game of Dragons
3 min readAug 24, 2022

We are bringing to you for the first time an exhilarating gaming experience. Our gaming experience is widespread and it will be played at first on Windows followed by IOS and Android. We will provide the same seamless experience on all devices. Fahad is our Lead Game Developer of Game of Dragons. He and his team who are also extremely creative and passionate developers, have more than 20 years experience in game development and design, resulting in an astonishing AAA quality graphics and fun and exciting gameplay. They have converted visions into reality, and Game of Dragons is one of them.

Our game was initially launched in March 2022, it was mainly a dungeon-based game where we had 1 vs 1 fights. It was the first version of the game. After which we had yet another exciting feature which was called the Dragon Race in which players race against each other to the finish line and collect rings to increase their speed to get a head of their opponents. In that, they also had to dodge moving walls & objects. In general, it was a race amongst players.

We have been working day in and out to set up and launch the MMO, it took months of hard work and dedication. And now we are here. We are super excited to launch our MMO on the 4th of September.

Our MMO will be a fight amongst fifty players in total, in which everyone will be able to join the battle. Fifty is the maximum number of players in a given battle. And here comes the exciting part, we provide an opportunity for our players to earn. Yes, you heard that right. You can earn by playing. Our game has an inbuilt currency called the Dragon Gold. Dragon Gold can be used to buy dragons which you can breed, enhance the dragons, fight battles and much more. When you first join the game, you will receive 300 Dragon Gold.

Once you keep on playing, if you succeed in the games, you will be able to earn further Gold by winning. 10,000 Dragon Gold equals ten dollars, which you can earn in no time if you play with utmost dedication and skill. If you are a good player, you can make good use of the 300 Dragon Gold you get in the beginning and multiply it, keep on playing, earn more Dragon Gold, and hence earn more money. You are initially provided with two dragons that can be used in the battle. In order to obtain Helios which is our limited-edition Dragon NFT you will have to breed dragons that can be obtained via Dragon Gold.

We have an ongoing public presale starting on the 24th of August and it will take place on Pinksale. We are making use of the recently introduced subscription type which will enable everyone to join in. The public presale will end on the 29th of August while the actual launch of the token on Uniswap will also be on 29th, just a few hours apart from the ending of the presale.

The MMO has a huge map, with multiple areas with different terrains. Each area is different and every player can go to any part of the map. Game of Dragons has another super exciting feature that can create an adrenaline rush during the game and that is the Gold rain. In the Gold rain, gold is dropped onto the ground. All the players rush to take the gold, any player can collect it while fighting each other in the rain. So with clever tactics, one can fight their way to that gold under the rain.

The Gold Rain

Our goal is to improve our quality from every perspective in every new release, graphics, gameplay as well as expanding our ecosystem, to spread our MMO throughout the globe via multiple strategic partnerships. The dragons can’t wait for you to join them.

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Game of Dragons

Game of Dragons is a P2E NFT game in the world of a mysterious dragon saga 🐲